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Now that our party has completed the task that brought them together, will they find a bond has formed between them? Or are they destined to each go there own way.

Reward: 1000XP
Killing a Messanager

Date is now Tarsakh 10, 1372 @ 7PM

The meeting at the Lookout is scheduled for 9AM tomorrow

Guild Hall

  • They kill lots of fighters, a bard, and a claric
  • They also kill the Messanager.
  • As the last of the Messanager’s men are killed, a woman enters the far side of the room, seeing all the dead men she screams and teleports away.

Reward: XP 1800 Lots of Full Plate +1 and and hand full of scrolls.

The only good Drow is a dead Drow

The party gathers

50 days after Janlove’s death, Sedalia Trannyth sends word to the leader ship of the Friends to have everyone gather in Waterdeep in 4 ten days at the Lookout. (The Lookout is across the street from the Raging Lion, and is accessed from the alley behind the building).

Jasmine Clahn

A rider was sent to Athkatla to inform Jasmine of Janlove’s fate, on the riders arriving he informed jasmine that her presence was requested in Waterdeep in 25 days.

Takes boat, and arrives one day before the meeting.

Morn Ferik

Was in Neverwinter when news of Janlove reached him. He quickly made his way back to Waterdeep, 25 days passed giving him 15 days before the meeting. with only a day before the meeting he encounters Cael’as Sumus’oth the Rover at The Raging Lion.

Ryl Aa’ros

After being sent by his father, Ryl arrives at the Raging Lion with 2 ten days left before the meeting.

Looking for Drow sign

Cael’as Sumus’oth the Rover went to Janloves estate at around 4 AM to see if he could find any clues. After some investigating outside he knocked on the front door. After being informed that Janloves daughter was now taking care of the Vila, he asked to see her, offering his assistance in finding the Drow. She rejected his offer, as it was very early, and she has much work to complete before starting her day.

Unsatisfied with this outcome, Cael’as used a vine that was growing on the back side of the house to find an entrance into the office. After surprising Sedalia Trannyth with his unexpected presence on the balcony behind her, she was convinced to let him investigate the seen.

He found blood stains that had not yet been fully cleaned up, and a arrow from a hand cross bow that was embedded in some books.

Meeting at the Lookout

  • Windsailor family crest contained two crystals
  • Lady Quadove found the truth of the family crest and plotted to take it buy marrying Windsailor and then killing him.
  • It would have worked, except for a group of friends informed Windsailor of the plot to take the crystals.
  • Together they worked to prevent her from taking them, and they where some what successful, in that they managed to retrieve the crest but not before she completed the ritual to remove the crystal of the dead.
  • When Lady Quidove found the crest missing, she killed Windsailor.
  • Protecting the only living heir and the crest The Friends of Windsailor went into hiding.
  • Only two members of the original six Friends of Windsailor where ever seen again, Trannyth the true heir, and Tal Aa’ros.
  • To this day Tal Aa’ros will not speak of the others
  • One of Janloves servants was sent out during the attack on the Vila with a message that three Drow and a Human with a leopard where attacking the Vila.
  • Cael’as was unsatisfied with Sedalia’s plans to set a trap for the drow, and wanted to simply eliminate them. Sedalia agreed to accelerate her time table and the group was to meet up in 2 days.
  • When leaving they see Linxien Faldorn standing at the entrance to the alleyway, leaning on his Falchion.
  • Linx expresses distaste for Sedalia’s over abundance of caution, and told the party his blade was available if needed.

Find the drow

  • Still unsatisfied with the outcome, our group of adventures begin to plot.
  • Raistlin Majere invites the party back to The Majere school of Magic where they can begin to formulate there plans.
  • After some discussion, Cael’as and Jasmine returned to the Raging Lion to find Morn.
    • They found Linx and Morn having a discussion on what approach should be used with the Drow
    • After some discussion Linx tells them the Drow can be found at the Swords Rest.

After the drow

  • The party enters the Swords Rest and identifies a single drow and the leopard. With the drow is a Druid.
  • They make quick work of the leopard and the Drow, and the bar tenter who attacked them as well.
  • They held the Druid and Jasmine knocked him out.
  • They then went to the second floor and found the remaining two drow, and with a single shot of lightning and a few arrows, they where no more.

The interrogation

  • They brought the Druid back to the school, using his skills Ryl got the Druid to tell them of the Messenger and that he was at the Builders Guild Hall.
  • Ryl and Jasmine then brought the Druid to Linx at the Raging Lion
  • Linx brought the Druid to one of the back rooms, and told Ryl and Jasmine to leave as he didn’t want to know any of the details.


  • 800XP each
Act 2

As our first party collect the loot from there dragon kill, and begin there way back to Waterdeep to work with Sedalia Trannyth. We join a new group of adventures.

We join

  • <fill>

The date is Tarsakh 8, 1372 DR

A group of individuals belonging to the Friends of Windsailor organization, who are currently working out side of waterdeep to strengthen the organization.

When Janlove Trannyth was killed, the organization called back it’s most influential members to ensure they could properly stabilize the organization as new leadership is appointed in waterdeep.

Re-role (out of game)

  • Keep your existing stats
  • Starting with 50,000XP
  • Starting with 54,000 gp, all items are list value (and must be approved by GM before buying them)
  • Neutral/Chaotic Good alignments
  • Work with each other to ensure all your deities are compatible for epic levels

Trial Runs

  • Killed 16 Troll Skeletens
  • Killed 1 Black Dragon (young adult)
  • Killed 1 Beholder
  • Killed 1 Ice Devil and 4 leser devils
  • Reward: 10,250xp
Time to Study

The Preface

After killing Janlove Trannyth and ensuring there is no trace of there involvement, the party is approached by Sedalia Trannyth. And as our party prepares to learn there new spells, Tara Keldorn informs them of a dragon that has been spotted along the road to the north.

The Wizards

The party goes in search of there new spells. As they are searching for a place to acquire there spells, the merchant Havelock Jarvis tells the group he has most of the spells they are looking for, and is willing to make copies from his spell book if they do him a favor.

  • Tarik owes him money, 2,000 gp
  • Tarik is drunk and a gambler
  • Hangs out at the Gray Serpent (T43, int, c, 3)

Meeting Sedalia Trannyth

She approaches them and offers her allegiance if they are willing to assist in revenging the death of her father Janlove Trannyth.

Looking for a Dragon

  • Encounter a traveler who saw a damaged caravan to the north
  • Damaged caravan
    • caravan is tipped over, and looks like it was burned but there are no scorched marks
    • The back of the wagon has been ripped apart
    • Two bodies
      • One body has had his left arm ripped off and guts hanging out
      • One body looks like he had fallen from a grate height
  • One traveler tells of a higher then normal number of orcs in the area
  • Traveler approaches
    • He is scared out of his mind
    • Follow his tracks back to a camp site
  • Encounter dragon at camp site
    • Party waits for dragon to leave, Druid followed him as a eagle
  • They find the orc camp
    • A dragon approaches the camp
    • Dragon talks to one of the orcs
    • Orc hands him a sword
  • Party find the Dragon’s layer
Pest Control

The note

Janlove Trannyth

He has a hand full of operations in the northward.  
Most of his operations revolve around acquiring rare and exotic items
 and selling them to collectors in the area.

He has "acquired" Nandar Villa (N23), and has established that as his new residence.

Getting to know his operations.

  • They encountered Seaster Armorsmith at The Raging Lion (N21)
    • He works for Janlove
    • Phaerniss’zyr Barriund’neld contracted to have Janlove acquire a War Wizards Cloak for 90,000 gp with 30% down.
    • They where to leave the 30% with the owner of The Raging Lion.
  • Some time passed before Seaster left the Inn.
    • Tsab S’sril followed him.
    • Seaster made a stop at his house for a short time, before continuing on to Janlove’s Villa.
    • Tsab followed him unnoticed. Once Tsab was confident he had found the Villa he returned to the group at the Raging Lion.

The Raid

  • The group then went to the Villa, they found a back entrance what appeared to be a servants entrance.
  • After picking the lock they made entrance on to the Villa.
  • One guard was noticed about 180ft away, as they approached the guard, there presence was detected.
    • They dispatched the guard but not before he could call for help.
  • Taking up positions outside the back door to the house.
    • The over hear the guards talking inside
      • “Get those two upstairs. The rest of you guard the door.”
    • Tsab, doing some additional scouting noticed three additional guards approaching from the west side of the manner.
    • Tsab promptly prepped himself to attack the guards as they passed the hedge he was next to.
    • As the three guards passed, Tsab kills the last guard in the line.
    • The second guard hearing his friend die, turned and attacked Tsab, but missed.
    • The Mages in the group fired Magic Missiles at the first guard killing him.
    • Aerzel Menemin and Tiki distract the final guard as Tsab eliminates the threat.
  • The group chooses to split up.
    • Aerzel and Tiki will brake down the back door and eliminate the guards on the first floor, while the remainder of the party worked there way to the 3rd floor from the outside.
  • Aerzel and Tiki enter the first floor, and are quickly surrounded by 6 guards. Calling forth 2 fire elementals and there own strength, they make quick work of the guards.
  • Mean while, the rest of the party searches the 3rd floor to find nothing.
  • Working there way down to the second floor and into a very nice office they are confronted with the head guard and one of his men.
  • A much tougher fight, as Tsab realized he was no match for the head guard he quickly dispatched the lackey, and the two wizards make quick work of the head guard.
  • They find a second private office where Janlove and his wife are hiding, after confirming their identities, they quickly kill them both.


In the house they found 4,000gp worth of items, and 550gp

Loose ends

  • The party makes there way to Seaster’s house, Tsab enters the house to find Seaster’s wife cooking and their two children upstairs playing.
  • Tsab sneaks up behind the wife and tries to kill her, but missed.
  • When the rest of the party hears the scream they work there way to the kitchen door to see the wife swing a hot pan at Tsab. But in the moment of fear and panic she is unable to hit him.
  • Tsab then takes a second shot and kills her. Then quickly making his way back upstairs to the kids, he finds them running down.
  • Tsab grabs both of the kids and eliminates them quickly.
  • Phaerniss’zyr Barriund’neld decided the rest of the party can take care of the remainder of the issues and leaves to sell the items they have collected and contact Belaver Gellantara, the Messenger to collect there payment.
  • Some time passes and Seaster returns home. When he enters his house, he finds a Drow sitting on his stairs waiting for him, and a skeleton appearing behind him.
  • He is accompanied by the 3 guards that had been with him earlier.
  • Aerzel and Tiki bolted from their hiding place across the street to ensure no one can escape.
  • Tsab then charges from the back door, where he has been keeping watch.
  • The party makes quick work of the 4 men.

The last witness

  • Tsab then returned alone to the Raging Lion
  • He waited until the tavern closed and the inn keep was alone and eliminated him.

XP gained: 6,200 : 7,550gp

Crystal in the Tomb
The party has been asked to retrieve a item from a tomb

Meeting at The Swords Rest

  • After being in Waterdeep for a week, the drow members of our party gather at the Swords Rest, for a prearanged meeting.
  • Seaeak Loyalar the Collector enters, and tells the owner his payment is late.
  • The owner orders an attack, 5 warriors attack the Collector.
  • During the attack Belaver Gellantara, the Messenger approaches the party from behind. Informing our party that he knows they are Drow, even though they are waring cloaks of disguise.
  • He kills all 5 attackers with one set of Magic Missiles.
    • Treasure found on attackers, cloth of gold vestments (20gp, sold at 17gp), 961cp, 5 short swords (7gp each)
  • He then asked our party to retrieve the Crystal of The Dead from the City of the Dead.
  • As the Messenger sets to leave he tells them they may want some help and calls out Aerzel Menemin from the crowd.

Leaving The Swords Rest

  • A voice calls for them from the alleyway next to The Swords Rest.
  • A female figure motions for them to enter the alleyway
  • She then asks them to leave the Crystal of the Dead in the tomb of Leoward Windsailor
  • She will pay 15,000gp for there trouble, and agrees to leave the gold in the tomb
    • “Turn the emblem on the left side of Windsailor’s tomb, 1/4 turn to right, and pull it out. Then place the crystal inside.”
  • The individual informs you that she is part of the Friends of Windsailor
  • She also shares information about the Messenger, informing them of his relationship with the House of Quidove and their suspected motives for acquiring the crystal.

The City of the Dead

  • Watchmen prevented the party from entering the eastern area of the city because too many people have been raiding tombs.

Looking for Tomb

Entering Tomb

  • Encounter x4 Human Warrior Skeletons (Treasure: None, EL: 1).
  • Found a box with 300 gb, x2 alchemist’s fire (20 gp each), breastplate (200 gp).
  • Encounter Pit Trap (Tsab S’sril detected the trap).
  • Found the Crystal of Death.
  • Found a large door with a trap on it that when touched released vipers into the hall way.
  • Encounter with x4 Small Viper (Treasure: None, EL: 2).
  • Found the sarcophagus of Duke of Calandor behind the trapped door.
  • Treasure in the Duke of Calandor’s sarcophagus:
 1,500 gp
   potion of cure light wounds (50 gp)
    bilious odor/taste
    syrupy, phosphorescent appearance
   potion of darkvision (sold for 300 gp)
    lemony odor/taste
    syrupy, opaque appearance
   potion of endure elements (sold for 125 gp)
    salty odor/taste
    oily, variegated appearance

   arcane (450 gp)
    Blindness/Deafness (l2, cl3)
    Misdirection (l2, cl3)
    Locate Object (l2, cl3)

   dwarven waraxe +1 (sole for 1,800 gp)
    something provides a clue to the item's function(s)

  slippers of spider climbing (2,000 gp)
    something provides a clue to its function
  Tome of clear thought +1 (30,000 gp)

Leaving City of the Dead with crystal

  • 2x Warriors intercept as they leave, one of them is the woman from the Friends of Windsailor), the party is asked if they found anything. The group tells them that nothing was found in the tomb, the warriros allow the party to continue on their way with no further troubles.

Return to The Swords Rest

  • The party sells some of items they found, and distributes the remainder as needed.
  • A note is sent from Belaver Gellantara, the Messenger to our party requesting they bring the Crystal to the Builders Hall (Located at S11 – Guildhall, B, 2).
  • As a reward for getting the Crystal, they get 20,000 gp, a cure light wounds wand, and 2x Magic Missile wands.

The Messenger asks the group to eliminate Janlove Trannyth

Total XP gained: 1,150, ~35,000gp (N/A tome)

The begining

Starting XP 6,000


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