Cael'as Sumus'oth the Rover

A Harper Agent, who travels Faerun watching for the greater good.



  • Ranger 11
  • Alignment Chaotic – Good
  • Diety: Solonor Thelandira


  • STR = 14
  • DEX = 26
  • CON = 12
  • INT = 16
  • WIS = 17
  • CHA = 13


  • Hit Points = 64
  • Base Attack Bonus = 11/6/+1
  • Initiative +12


  • Armor Class = 21
  • Touch AC = 19
  • Flat-Footed AC = 13
  • Spell Resistance = 0

Saving Throws

  • Fortitude = +9
  • Reflex = +16
  • Will = +8


  • Speed = 40 ft

Racial Abilities

  • Elven Sense
  • Immune to sleep.
  • Low light Vision
  • Weapon Proficiency Longsword, Rapier, Shortbow, Longbow

Class Features

  • Wild Empathy
  • Combat Style Archery
  • Woodland Stride
  • Swift Tracker
  • Evasion
  • Favored Enemy – Human *, Elf *, and Giants
  • Animal Companion – Eagle (Kan’drim) with Hunting Package


  • Climb +11
  • Concentration +12
  • Handle Animal +6
  • Heal +4
  • Hide +22
  • Jump +12
  • Knowledge (Arcane) +4
  • Knowledge (Dungeoneering) +4
  • Knowledge (Geography) +8
  • Knowledge (Nature) +8
  • Listen +19
  • Move Silently +22
  • Ride +14
  • Search +19
  • Spot +19
  • Survival +23
  • Swim +3


  • Track
  • Endurance
  • Improved Initiative
  • Rapid Shot
  • Many Shot
  • Point Blank Shot
  • Far Shot
  • Precise Shot
  • Improved Precise Shot

Weapon Proficiencies

  • Rapier, Longsword, Short bow, Longbow
  • Simple
  • Martial

Armor Proficiencies

  • Light
  • Shields


  • Elven
  • Common
  • Chondathan
  • Illuskan
  • Dwarven
  • Gnome
  • Halfling
  • Gnoll



  • All Ranger Spells
  • Base Save = 13


  • Harper Scout’s Clothes
  • Harper Pin (lesser)
  • Scout’s Composite Longbow (+2 mighty, corrosive)
  • Elven Rapier +1
  • Cloak of Resistance +2
  • Gloves of Dexterity +4
  • Bag of Holding Type I
  • Bracers of Armor +2
  • Boots of Springing and Striding
  • Ring of Feather Falling
  • Ring of Protection +1
  • Purple Dragon Signet Ring
  • Rope of Climbing

Physical Description

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 129 years
  • Height: 5’11’’
  • Weight: 94 lbs
  • Looks: Fair skinned, slim features, long silver hair, blue/green eyes with golden flecks. Dresses in simple but elegant clothes of green, blue and brown.


My name is Cael’as Sumus’oth the Rover my moniker is one well earned as I have spent much of my time traveling the wide expanses of Faerun. I shall start at the beginning. I was born to two Moon Elves 129 years ago in 1243 DR far to the north in the city of Silverymoon. My father is Ael’rath a true elf, fascinated with the arcane, and owns a magical shop in Silverymoon called the Moon Beam. He is aided by my mother Uth’ari a fellow wizard who also works with him in their successful business. They made much of their fortune long ago traveling across the realms learning and collecting knowledge of the arcane. Being raised by two traditional Moon Elf parents, gave me a spirit for travel and a hunger to learn and experience the new and unique. This was amplified by Silverymoon which is abound with elves, humans, dwarves, and even some halflings which quickly filled me with a wanderlust the exposure to the other races only fueled my curiosity. My parents lived in a typical elven home aloft in one of the large trees on the northern side of the city. This started my affinity for the forest at an early age. The forest itself is integrated into Silverymoon and as I grew I followed in out and beyond the walls of the city and explored the lovely woods, fields and streams around the city. I would sit in the trees for hours and watch the birds soar through the sky, of all the creatures they were one of my favorite from the onset. I loved being out in the wilderness and the solitude and comfort it provided, however I also enjoyed my returns to the city where I could relax and enjoy the comforts and fine food.

My parent’s home is a lovely elven abode decorated with elven artistry and natural themes. From my window there is a great view of that beautiful city civilization and nature together in harmony. The enclave of trees my family lives in is just off from the main thoroughfare which leads to the large market. My parent’s shop looks right out onto the market which is great for business. Underneath the enclave of trees of my home lived a community of dwarves, whose friendship I had made early on, in particular with a young dwarf by the name of Barundar Stoneshield. Through him I learned much of the dwarven language and customs. Their enjoyment of raucous feasts with mead and ale is something I grew quite fond of. So much so in my travels I would often take the time to stop in cities and towns to experience the local brew. I had plenty of encounters with Barundar in my earlier years as he served in the Knights of Silver, the protectors and patrollers of Silverymoon. Sadly he was felled early in my days as a ranger by an orc band which had ventured too close to Silverymoon, I was a scout that was part of the group that pushed the orcs back and they were defeated, but the victory was not without cost. I only remember him fondly and do not grieve, for that is not what he would have wanted.

I began my formal education early in my adolescence at the age of 88, my parents are members of Those Who Harp, or the Harpers and although their traveling days are long behind them, as they were well over 300 winters (now they found more pleasure in their explorations of the arcane) they still are members of the Harpers. They had fought in the Harpstar wars and were part of the recent reorganization of the Harpers planning for new and changing times. As such they facilitated my induction at an early age. I was taken on as an apprentice Harper Scout by my uncle Ta’ro, my parents knew my heart matched his more than their own; and so he took me on trips around the North through the Silver Marches, the Evermoors, and High Forest. We traveled along the coast as far north as Icewind Dale, through the of the dwarven citadels of Felbarr, Adbar, and Mithral Hall, the cities of Luskan, Neverwinter, and as far south as Waterdeep. While in Citadel Abdar my uncle bought me a fine dwarven crafted elven rapier, when he saw my joy in the gift he had a hearty laugh. The blade has served me well and I carry it with me to this day. My uncle taught me the ways of the bow, of tracking, watching, hiding and making one’s self a part of their surroundings. We encountered many Gnolls on our patrols and as such I was able to get a good understanding of their language and habits, something which makes tracking them all that much easier. On one trip to Waterdeep my uncle introduced me to some friends ironically named the Friends of Windsailor he told me they were a goodly group not unlike the Harpers but narrower in scope, and after introducing me to his friend Morn that should I find them in need I should not hesitate to render what aid I could. I spent well over a decade under his tutelage and when we returned one day to Silverymoon in 1341 he informed me my apprenticeship was at an end and I was now a full Harper Scout and was awarded my prized Harper Pin. There was a feast in my honor and I celebrated this accomplishment. The morning after I was put straight to work being assigned to begin patrols of the area around Silverymoon. Officially I was attached to the Knights of Silver to aid in Silverymoons defense. In this time I honed my skills using them to track goblins and orc bands. Hunting down bandits who would plague the roads, ambushing merchants plying their trade between the cities. On occasion I would meet patrols from other neighboring cities of the Lords Alliance and we would camp together and share tales of our travels. I felt best traveling across the land tracking my quarry and delivering justice to those who would attempt to profit off the miseries of others. I would never hesitate to right a wrong I found on my patrols. But I was cautious in my delivery, always watching and waiting delivering my justice from afar and from the shadows. A few years after my entry to the service of Silverymoon began the great elven retreat from Cormanthor, I shared the sentiments of my fellow moon elves that we should not retreat to hidden lands but rather share our knowledge with the other races and work together as we do in Silverymoon. I spent a decade in the direct service of the city of Silverymoon at one point some nearly 20 years ago I felt I needed to see and do more than patrol the north. My wanderlust had grown so I spoke with my Harper superiors lead by Lady Alustriel and requested for a new assignment that would allow me more freedom to travel, but still allow me to continue my work of guarding and watching out for the greater good. Unbeknownst to me the Harpers in Silverymoon had long ago slated me as a potential candidate as a Harper Agent. So they were all too willing to send me with recommendation in hand to meet with Storm Silverhand and her sister Dove Falconhand in Shadowdale.

In the mid 1351 the Year of the Crown I bid my parents a fond farewell. Before setting out they gifted me with a very finely crafted elven longbow one which not surprisingly held several magical properties. After our goodbyes I set off on the road to the Dalelands the beginning of my journey already starting to earn me my moniker. From the start I took the long road setting off down the coast revisiting cities I had seen, finding some minor trouble on the roads, and seeing some new cities such as Baldur’s Gate and paying a short visit in Candlekeep. It is there that my road turned west through the aptly named Western Heartlands. I enjoyed the wide open fields and visited some of my Harper brethren in Berdusk at their Twilight Hall, although their talk of politics did not suit me and I soon traveled onward towards the kingdom of Cormyr. On my way to the kingdom I heard of the dark city of Westgate in the tavern of Scaled Dragon during my stay in Iriaboer, which I decided I must see. During my visit in that city I witnessed a foulness one could spend a lifetime attempting to eradicate. One evening my curiosity nearly ended me as I was extending my ear and listening to a group speaking at a table I learned of a group calling themselves the Fire Knives moving in league with the newly rising Night Masks. They noticed my intrusion, and were planning their move as I ducked out the back. I was able to escape the city and lost my pursuers along the coast. From their backtracked to Proskur and moved on into Cormyr itself. Where upon registration I lost the use of my weapons, I had thought to sneak by their border patrol but with the bit of information that I planned to deliver I felt it wise to move in the open. With the sights I saw on the road I am glad I did, the Stormhorn mountains and the kingdom’s High Horn Keep were sights to behold. Suzail one of the fairer cities I had seen since Waterdeep was a pleasant place. I had learned from the people in the villages of the King’s Forest that a young prince by the name of Gorstag was a noble and good man and I decided it was to him I would deliver my message. I waited until he rode out of Suzail one day and approached him, letting him know of the threat of the Fire Knives. He invited me to come and relay my tale to good King Azoun IV and rest a few days in his palace. I accepted his offer and enjoyed one of the finer feasts I have seen to this day in his hall. In a private meeting the following day the King correctly assumed my affiliations and promised me my secret was safe. As thanks for my warning he gifted me two rings one he hoped would keep me safe in my travels the other was a signet ring of the Cormyrian crown one he told me would identify me as a recognized agent of the crown should I wish to continue my good works in Cormyr. Both I gratefully accepted. I spent a short while in Cormyr accompanying young Gorstag on some rides to the border, after a couple of months I decided to continue along my way. Years later I learned of his death in battle against Nalavarauthatoryl the red dragon, however I have learned that his youngest son continues his legacy.

After my travels through the fair and peaceful lands of Cormyr I continued my round about path on into Sembia, a place which took the business acumen of the merchants of Waterdeep to an extreme. While traveling through I decided to relieve some of the less scrupulous merchants of their gold and redistribute it to those less fortunate on the streets of their cities of Urmlaspry, Saerloon, and Selgaunt. In Ordulin their great capital I learned of a man named Miklos Selkirk leader of Sembia’s Silver Ravens. Upon learning of their ties to the drow I had no compunctions about relieving a group of their men of their gold and their lives. I gave the gold to a group of urchins but kept one of their rings of feather fall for myself, already more than once on my travels such an item could have been useful to me. Upon crossing the River Ashaba into Featherdale I enjoyed the refreshing sight of a peaceful farming community staving off the corruptions of Sembia. Even more refreshing was the Feather Falls ale made from the falls in the village of the same name I enjoyed watching their boats glide along the river and the stories from the boatsman engaged in trade along the Ashaba. I continued over the rolling hills into Battledale which was far more gentle than its name would indicate although its lack of law allowed me to apply my skills to end the misdeeds of more than a few bandits. My last touch with society before heading on into Cormanthor Forest was Mistledale the most fertile Daleland yet and the most peaceful. I stayed a night in the White Hart Inn enjoying its delicious ale although my greatest enjoyment was when the owner Holfast Harpenshield threw a haughty Sembian Merchant out onto the street. An act he more than deserverd. From Mistledale I decided to test my woodland skills and make for my destination of Shadowdale by cutting directly across the Cormanthor Forest rather than continue on the road. It was mostly a journey spent in solitude with the forest and its creatures. Except for a pair of drow I found in the woods, I caught the pair of females sacrificing a human female to their thrice cursed goddess of Lloth. I was too late to save her but avenged the evils the priestesses enacted upon her. Not long thereafter I finally arrived in Shadowdale.

I had been expected and was long past due when I finally delivered my note to Storm Silverhand and her sister in early 1354 Year of the Arch. While Storm was very kind and eagerly listened to my tales and even rewarded me with some songs of her own she was a little disappointed at the meanderings during my journey fruitful as they may have been. Dove Falconhand her sister however appreciated them greatly. Her heart was quite similar to my own in its wandering ways and love of the wild. As such she immediately staked claim to me as one of her agents, and I happily agreed. I then began my second apprenticeship this time underneath Dove Falconhand and spent quite some time traveling with her across the Dalelands, she taught me more in the ways of ranging and the finer points of acting as a Harper Agent. She would test me along the way each highlighting a lesson I needed to learn. The importance of maintaining the balance, the need for secrecy of the Harpers, the importance of the individual both to watch out for and my own ability to make a difference. We would camp in the wilds sometimes by ourselves other times with fellow Harpers or the locals of the Dalelands. It was always a good evening when Dove would treat us to a song. It was during this time I befriended an eagle whom I named Kan’drim her spirit is as wild and free as my own. She follows me from afar an extra set of eyes and with Doves help in training her a messenger when my travels carry me wide and far. On occasion we would travel beyond the Dalelands, we would even travel deep into the Anauroch desert to spy on the Black Road to watch for Zhent traffic. During our time together the time of troubles came to Faerun, we did what would could to keep the balance and avoid those deities that did walk Toril. After the conflict Mystra had risen and become a patron of the Harpers an event most pleasing to those members who delved into the arcane. After my years of training it was time for my final test. I did not know it was such at the time but I was sent on a scouting mission to the gates of Zhentil Keep itself. Before sending me off Dove gifted me a magical rope to aid me in climbing, and a fine pair of boots that she said “Would speed the Rover on his way.” Which is when I first received my moniker and it has stuck ever since. I was able to travel across Cormanthor to Hillsfar whose walls I skirted as nonhumans are not allowed. I followed along the Moonsea coast until I was able to spy upon the gates of Zhentil Keep undetected, successfuly avoiding all the Zhent patrols along my path. Being who I am I pressed my luck and waited until nightfall where I made my way through the ruined walls of northern section taking a rock from the rubble and leaving my calling card by felling a sentry atop the nearest functional tower and drifted off into the night. At my return I received a bittersweet hug from Dove, it was now 1359 when she informed me of my status as a Harper Agent. She wanted me to continue my wanderings, acting as I had and as she would in protecting the innocent and acting in the interests of the greater good. Her only request was that I strike north to the lands of Bloodstone for there was a newly crowned king who could use our help. I accepted her wish gladly as I had grown fond of Dove and would heed her call no matter where it would find me.

I set off on the road again, with Kan’drim off in tow. I decided to move north into the Ride inhabited by tribes of mounted barbarians who welcomed no outsiders so I was sure to tread lightly through their steppes and remained undetected. When the opening in the Dragonspine Mountains presented itself I moved south into Thar an equally harsh and windswept land that somewhat reminded me of Icewind Dale. Only here there were only orcs and ogres, once again I felt it wiser to keep my head low. This did not change either in the city of Melvaunt. This is not to say I did not see evil, just in these lands I am not sure there was much good to defend and to stop even small evils I would not have made it more than five at a time. Thentia was the only bright spot in this part of my journey. One of the few good cities on the Moonsea. The only reason is the collection of mages there, holding the wolves at bay all on their own. One of the mages Rilitar Shadow-Water a fellow Moon Elf and colleague of my parents invited me for a meal; during which we shared stories and information. His advice on what lay on the road ahead of me was greatly appreciated. In exchange I offered him stories of home and my own journeys that brought me to his table. As I continued east I traversed the Galena Mountains a challenging but rewarding trip during which I was forced more than once to fight off goblins, and ogres.

On my arrival on the plains of Vaasa in I was struck by its cold and barren landscape yet a fantastic sight to behold. I had heard of the Great Glacier which lay off to the north from Rilitar. It had sounded fascinating so I headed north to Palischuk a half-orc town. They were surprisingly friendly lot and we shared stories. I particularly enjoyed their potent brew. After a couple of days I moved further north to the Great Glacier an imposing sheet of ice, one of the more unique spectacles I have seen. After traveling west on the glacier a few days I made my way south into Damara. I headed for Heliogabalus, in the towns shopping distract I heard recruiters from kingdom calling for aid at the Vaasan Gate. The gate was back to the west, where help was needed in taming the Vaasan wilderness, eliminating the monsters which teemed on its plains and hill. Feeling that this was the road Dove had wished I would take I headed for the Fugue, a camp of travelers who adventure into the Vaasan wilds slaying monsters and collecting bounties on the ears for every kill. I stayed for a year coming back and forth from the Vaasan Gate although I chose not to collect most bounties for my kills just leaving the goblins, orcs, and ogres where they lay. On one of my trips out I came across a group overwhelmed by a horde of goblins, I immediately went to work to thin the field with my bow and attract the goblins attention my way. The group of travelers a collection of men and women rather uniformly dressed offered me their hearty thanks, they were astonished when I did not want any of the ears simply what arrows I could scavenge from the bodies. I would only take ears from time to time to allow for the purchase of a meal and some ale in the Vaasan Gate. after many months I was traveling east on my way out of the Bloodstone Kingdom feeling I had done what good I could and felt that the road was calling me once more I was stopped as I passed through Bloodstone village by a herald of the King. I was requested at his castle in town. I accepted the offer and was brought before the King his name Gareth Dragonsbane at first sight it was easy to see this was a goodly man who ruled with his heart. He said he had noted my plan to depart and said he wished to thank me for saving his niece Ellery many months ago (I had not realized I had done so at the time) and furthermore for all my unclaimed work in the Vaasan wilds. I did not ask how he knew for I could surely guess. He asked I stay for dinner, while not as grand as the one in Cormyr it was a great feast and a great company of heroes were assembled, all champions of the Bloodstone Lands having battled Zhengyi a not too recently deposed despot of Vaasa. My only complaint was that only the local wine was served and not the ale, but I enjoyed the spirits all the same. The next day before I left, Gareth’s Queen by the name of Christine gave me a beautiful green cloak that she wished me to take as a thanks and asked that I visit should my travels take me close to the Bloodstone lands again, I promise I hope to keep.

I traveled on south to Impiltur a very quiet land mostly full of merchants although much fairer than those I had found in Sembia. I found little work here so I turned northeast into the Rawlinswood a great forest that I enjoyed for the many days I traveled under its expanse. I came out onto Narfell another tribal land who believed in the value of one’s deeds. I was able to make a good first impression as I was ambushed by hobgoblins on my way out of the woods, with a bit of work I was able to dispatch them. A group of the nomads had watched from afar and being impressed with my display invited me to camp with them for the evening, it was a great chance to share stories. While an intriguing place I felt the road pulled me south to Thesk. On my way I encountered yet another great wood, the Forest of Lethyr. I took my time traversing the woods enjoying the shelter the branches provided. Coming out on the other side I encountered a massive crusader army being led by an old acquaintance of mine King Azoun IV, they were marching against the vile Tuigan horde, this was an opportunity I could not pass by and rejoined with Gorstag and his men riding into battle to rid Faerun of the Tuigan menace. King Azoun IV himself struck down its leader Khahan Hoekun Yamun. When the war was done and the armies returned west I continued on into the nation of Thesk itself, full of a tolerant and quiet people harassed by the neighboring wizards of Thay. Having heard their legend in the west I had to see for myself. It was every bit as bad as I had heard, the Thayans are full of cruelty and malice. This was an evil far beyond me and my abilities alone. While moving across Thay I did however come across a Wizard and his cronies leading a group of slaves. While I knew I could do little in this land, I was able to free those people, how long they would remain so I do not know. On the slain Red Wizard I was able to find a fine pair of bracers which I kept for myself, the rest of the groups riches I gave to the recently freed slaves. From there I made my way to Thay’s largest city the religious and trade center of Bezantur on the Sea of Fallen Stars. It is a haven of thieves, and I was able to dispatched a few that I found trying to rob some of the visiting merchants but I wished to quietly make my way through the city and secure passage out of Thay. By saving a pair of merchants I secured passage on a large merchantman the Brightstar departing the city. It carried me across the Sea of Fallen Stars a peaceful journey during which I enjoyed the tranquility of the waves. I arrived in Cimbar the capital of Chessenta a few days later, to a very unfriendly welcome. The dislike of elves was quite tangible so I quickly made for the solitudes and safety of the wilderness. I witnessed and avoided this land’s roving mercenary bands. As I moved farther south I no longer found any signs civilization. I spent some time on my own and I must say these months were ones of great introspection and self discovery. I learned much surviving only by my wits. I dispatched Kan’drim at this time with a note to Dove about the progress and direction of my travels, I also noted that I hoped her report from the Bloodstone lands was met with satisfaction.

In 1362 I crossed the Toadsquat Mountains and made my way into the land of Lurien the realm of the halflings, a place where I felt right at home. The halflings traveled through their own land never staying more than a few months in a city, continuously changing their work and direction. I spent some time here enjoying the halflings games of kite fighting, singing, smoking, and most importantly their finely crafted ales which rivaled that of the dwarves. I made a good friend in Calathara Bramblefoot one of the Sheriffs of Lurien. She was a fine archer who taught me not only their language but helped me hone my own skills with the bow. We spent many months traveling their Lluirwood, or relaxing along the Liurenstrand. When Kan’drim returned to me and it was time for me to move on, it was a sad parting for Calathara and I. However I invited her to visit Dove Falconhand in Shadowdale should she ever long for a greater adventure. I moved back toward the west encountering the land of Dambrath, seeing the swarms of half-drow enslaving the locals angered me greatly and I traversed this country, hunting and slaying any of these half-drow which crossed my path all the while. After feeling that prolonging my stay any longer would bring too much attention to my actions I continued west. In 1366 I traveled over the mighty peaks of the East Wall my greatest climb yet bringing me to the wonderful realm of Halruaa a land of wizards identical to my parents spending all their time absorbed in magical investigation. My time in Halarahh was most fruitful, listening to the wizards talk not only reminded me of home but I was able to put in a word about my father and mother in the north, and the potential for sharing of knowledge and exchange of goods for the each side to sell in their respective land. For this insight and contact the wizard I had befriended Meleghost gave me a Bag of Holding; an item that would prove quite useful in my travels, he accepted no payment saying the future business with my parents would more than pay for this gift. The highlight of my stay was a ride on one of their magnificent airships yet another wonderfully unique experience. On the western edge of Halruaa, I chose an easier route electing Talath Pass through the West Wall peaks. From my talks with the wizards of Halruaa I had heard of the various jungles lying on the Chultan peninsula and it is something I had to experience.

In 1367 I began in the Mhair Jungle and I was impressed from my first step, I saw plants and creatures the likes of which I had never seen. The raptors I saw hunting on the ground reminded me much of Kan’drim and I admired their grace. I continued around the Lapal Sea through the Black Jungles. This terrain tested my abilities more than any yet, and I felt a great thrill as I traversed the jungle and with time I learned to move through the thick growth. One day I came across an opening and the jungle abruptly ended on to a wide savannah of grassy fields called Thindol. The people here had amazing speed as they moved through their fields, they were even more fascinated by me since no elf had been through these parts in recent memory. I spent some time with them learning from their hunting methods, tracking pray across the fields with great speed. I moved on into the Jungles of Chult after a short time within I felt I should make my way north once again, having learned what I could from these lands. I made my way into the Samargol in the land of Samarach and I was strongly encouraged to leave as quickly as I had came. I believe the guards wished to get rid of me more quickly but sensed I was not easy prey. The next day I left on the first ship I could find the Bolt a ship bound for Lantan where I met the amazingly inventive race of the gnomes one I had not seen many of on my travels to date. I met Lissa Whitehorn a very outgoing gnome who was eager to share about her inventions and projects. I spent a few months listening to her and her friends eagerly explain their contraptions and learning their language in the process. When I ship came in bound for Calimport I said farewell to my gnome friend thankful for the time I had spent with her.

Calimport is a foul desert city ruled by thugs at the point of a blade, during my short stay I ran afoul of more than one assassin; the ones that I did I quickly sent them on to their own journey to the Fugue plane. I gave what gold I found on these assassins to the destitute on the streets but their number outweighed what I found and the infighting caused by my gifts caused me to quickly realize the error of my gesture. I soon decided to travel across the Calim desert to Memnon having tired of Calimport’s vile ways. The oases along my route offered very little variation in what I saw. The majority of these desert people lived in abject poverty ruled by cruel Pashas hording all the wealth for themselves. It was another locale on my growing list of places one could dedicate a lifetime attempting to clean out. I was struck by the sight of Memnon’s polished walls when they first came into sight from out in the desert. On entering Memnon it struck me as a more of a goodly city than Calimport, but the state of its poverty was not lost on me. Wanting to enjoy the sight of the sea after so long in the desert I went down to a tavern in the city’s port. It was 1368 in that tavern on the sea when I met a fair Sun Elf in the city of Memnon by the name of Ariel Tyr’undlin a highly accomplished wizard with a beauty that I found was unsurpassed. Her bronze skin, golden hair, and green eyes struck me in awe at my first glimpse of her. We became smitten with one another quite quickly, so much so she convinced me to join her on her journey to Evermeet. While I had been previously against the elven retreat to Evermeet her description of this wonderful place, along with her company was too much for me to resist this journey. So we boarded a fair elven vessel the Loth’loriel’anduar, the voyage was a blissful one. Upon arrival the beauty of Evermeet exceeded my wildest expectations. We settled down in the city of Leuthilspar a city in which all is grown not built, the perfect harmony of civilization and nature, if any place on Toril could be close to Arvandor this must be it. We took up abode high in one of its fine trees, with easy access out to the trees and an office for Ariel’s wizardly pursuits. Ariel and I spent our days riding leaf boats down the River Ardulith, and River Shaelyn. climbing in the Eagle Hills looking out over all of Evermeet’s beauty. I taught her of the wild and she taught me something of the arcane. It was in a glade in the Farmeadows that I asked her to marry me. Early in 1369 we were wed, my parents teleported in from Silverymoon to partake in the festivities. In true elven tradition the ceremony was a grandiose and celebratory affair with our families as hers had already settled to Evermeet. It was one of the happiest times I had yet known. After our wedding Ariel gave me as a gift a very fine pair of enchanted leather gloves she had crafted without my knowledge, they are my dearest possession. Sadly my happiness was not to last in 1371 Evermeet was struck by an army of drow, who nearly succeeded in destroy the paradise entirely. Ariel and I fought side by side in its defense. It was some of the most savage fighting I had ever seen. The hatred between drow and elf is unsurpassed. While Evermeet was saved my beloved Ariel fell in the battle, struck down by countless darts tipped with their vile poison. After laying her to rest I knew I could not stay and that I would need to continue along my road until it met up with her again in Arvandor.

There were a large number of mages willing to transport back to the main land since to remain in Evermeet would bring only painful reminders. So I picked up exactly where I had left off arriving in Memnon on the first of 1372. I soon started my journey north along the Swordcoast into the fair Kingdom of Tethyr which was prospering under its new King and Queen. On my road to Zazesspur I was assailed by a group of bandits. It was my first battle since Evermeet and it allowed the release of an anger I had not realized was even there. I fired multiple arrows with each shot felling pairs of bandits with each twang of my bow. When it was done I took stock of the scene breathed a sigh of release and continued north.

I took a brief side trip into the Wealdath woods when I came upon them to allow myself to relax and regain a state of ease. After a few weeks of solace in the woods I continued on the road into Amn, a highly intriguing land. When I entered Athkatla I was struck by the variety of goods, which moved through the city and stocked in its bazaars were items I had seen from across the realms in my travels it took me back to those many places I had been and seen. As I walked through the city I found my way to a bright red tavern the Grub and Grog a raucous establishment that pulled me right in. I made my way to the right side of the bar and the proprietor an interesting looking half-orc female by the name of Jasmine Clahn brought me very fine drink of her house brew a Jasmine ale which was one of the more refreshing and invigorating I had sampled on my travels. Given my elven heritage and their rarity in Amn she asked me questions and as she began to knock back quite a few of her own ales as I spoke I relayed to her some of the tales of my journeys. While slightly masculine (which I was polite enough to keep to myself), she was a very jovial character and was most amused with my tales. She was exactly the sort of character that brought joy to traveling the road.

I soon continued on over the Cloud Peaks which was when I realized I had returned to the Western Heartlands some 21 years after I had last traveled through these lands. I decided to continue north to revisit my home of Silverymoon. I stuck to the coast road and along the way it brought me through the many great cities along it. Very little disturbed my travels I moved quickly and quietly, until I entered the city of Waterdeep. There I saw a man I had not seen in over thirty years, Morn the friend of my uncle. Morn’s eyes lit up at the sight of me easily recognizing with the almost entire lack of change in appearance. He told me the tale that the leader of the Friends of Windsailor Janlove Trannyth had been slain in a savage attack by a group of drow. Just the mention of those cursed beasts and I was committed although he did not know why he quickly recognized the fire in my eyes. Any chance to repay a part of the debt I felt the drow owed me is welcome one. So living up to my name my road detoured once again and Silverymoon would have to wait, and I set off to right yet another wrong I had found.

Cael'as Sumus'oth the Rover

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