Ryl Aa'ros

A quick and agile Bard with untold power to be discovered


lvl 10 Bard


  • HP 61 i think
  • STR 14 [+2]
  • DEX 23 6] [2 dex from gloves][base 21]
  • CON 16 [+3]
  • INT 13 [+1]
  • WIS 14 [+2]
  • CHA 17 [+3]
  • SPEED 30


  • REFLEX +15
  • WILL +8
  • all saves +2 vs enchantments

Miscellaneous Stats

  • GRAPPLE +10


  • AC 24
  • TOUCH 17

Cash On Character

  • 3050 gold


name attack Dual Wield dmg critical range type Magical Effects
+1 Corrosive Elven Thinblade 14/9 12/7 1d8+3 18-20×2 Na pierce 1d6 acid
+1 Screaming Elven lightblade 14/9 12/7 1d6+2 18-20×2 Na pierce 1d6 sonic


  • 2 Mithril Chain shirt of Nimbleness (3 enhancement modifier)
    • Nimbleness raises max dex by 2 and lowers check penalty by 1
    • Mithril Raises max dex by 2 and lowers check penalty by 3
    • 0 armor check penalty as well as a +8 max Dex due to mithril. And nimbleness. weight is now 13lbs

Other Gear Equipped

  • Ring of Protection +1
  • Amulet of Natural Armor +1
  • Boots of Striding and Springing
  • Gloves of Dexterity +2
  • Cloak of Resistance +2
  • Ring of Feather Falling
  • 2x Triple Weapon Capsule Containers (one on each weapon)
    • 2x Quicksilver Capsule (one in each container)
    • 4x Ghostblight Capsule (two in each container)

Non Equipped Gear on Character

  • 4x Quicksilver Capsule
  • 2x Ghostblight Capsule
  • 5 potions cure light wounds
  • 2 potions of cure moderate wounds
  • Bag of Holding Type 1

Items Not On Character

  • N/A

Racial Feats

  • Immunity to Sleep
  • Low Light Vision
  • Elven Senses

Feats and class features

Weapon Proficiencies

  • All Basic
  • Longsword
  • Rapier
  • Whip
  • Sap
  • Short sword
  • Short Bow
  • Elven Thinblade
  • Elven Lightblade
  • Longbow
  • Composite Longbow
  • Composite Shortbow


Skills (only doing commonly used or potentially used)

  • Appraise +15
  • Balance +6
  • Bluff +8
  • Climb +2
  • Concentration +17
  • Diplomacy +21
  • Disguise +5
  • Escape Artist +6
  • Forgery +1
  • Gather Information +6
  • Heal +2
  • Hide +6
  • Intimidate +5
  • Jump +2
  • Knowledge (Arcana) +9
  • Knowledge (History) +6
  • Listen +4
  • Move Silently +6
  • Perform (Sing) +17
  • Search +3
  • Sense Motive +12
  • Spellcraft +13
  • Spot +4
  • Survival +2
  • Swim +2
  • Tumble +7
  • Use Rope +6

Bard Spells

0 lvl (3/day) DC 14

1st lvl (4/day) DC 15

2nd lvl (4/day) DC 16

  • Cure moderate Wounds
  • Harmonic Chorus (CA p.150, SC p.110)
  • Sonorous Hum (SC p.196)
  • Sting Ray (SC p.206)

3rd lvl (4/day) DC 17

4th lvl (2/day) DC 18

5th lvl (0/day) DC 19

  • N/A

History of Ryl Aa’ros (rill airos)

Born to Tal Aa’ros (father 600 years old) and Zal’vier (Zoll’ vier) Aa’ros (mother 570)
age 170 years old (exact day to be picked yet)
youngest of the family and the only one to take up a bards wandering life like his father before him. being a wild elf most his family were perturbed by his aloof and adventuring nature that was above and beyond even his fathers before him. by the age of 15 he had journeyed out of the Ardeep woods where he grew up and visited Waterdeep and Neverwinter by himself this of course came with it’s own perils for when he returned home his mother cast a lesser geas on him that prevented him from leaving the forest unless great danger was present for ten years.

his father was one of the founding members of of the Friends of Windsailor but he had to step down from his position when his own father Ryl’s grandfather passed on. as such the clan has always supported the friends and aided them in protecting the wilds outside Waterdeep. the only ones that new this were the elder and the elder council of the wild elven clan.

Ryl has 5 brothers and 2 sisters

from oldest to youngest

Illium (brother 425 yo)

Laulorion (lawl orion(brother 415 yo)

Sharlyn (share lin)(sister 403 yo)

Ssapfner (safner)(brother 344 yo)

T’rissune (Tri zune)(sister 176 yo)

his whole family aside from his father eldest brother and youngest sister had begged him to stay with the family and not wander every time he left and returned from wandering. but due to their backing he had the courage to do what he truly wanted and that was to see the world with his own eyes not through another persons story.

He traveled all over the western side of faerun performing as a minstrel and story teller but favoring the towns closer to home at first. Eventually performing in far reaching places such as Suzail the royal capitol of suzail where he performed for the Royal family right before they fought Nalavarauthatoryl the red dragon losing many of their own to bring down the dragon and his army. Ryl also perfomed in Ordulin which is the capitol of Sembia by the special request of a famous merchant named Iv’allen for a party he was hosting. the finally memorable place he has traveled and performed in was a rare summons to Mithril Hall to perform for the celebration of the reclaiming of Mithril Hall. During this celebration eh got to meet King Bruenor Battlehammer not personally as many have asked him but merely shook his hand after his performance was over. that was indeed one grand moment he was unable to stop performing for over two weeks of celebration.

Most of his knowledge comes from the stories and tales he hears other followers of his craft sing and speak about. so interested in these stories he could pass the hours away in any tavern speaking or listening to any bard or group of performers just to hear where they have been and what they have seen.

during the his many travels he has come across many interesting fellows including one peculiar half ogre named Gabriel Severus whom he traveled with for a few years while on a journey that took him through Cormyr.

For two years upon his fathers request Ryl spent time in Athkatla on the road to amn. Ryl’s father said it would be a great place for him to listen to many stories from all over the realm as well as give him an opportunity to perform for the travelers. His Father even gave him directions and a letter of introduction for a bar on the beach called the Grub and Grog he told me i would fit right in there and that i should tell the owner that he says hi. During those two years he became good friends with the owner of the Grub and Grog Jasmine Clahn. Ryl would perform from Evening Meal till Close every night for those years. usually singing tales he heard from previous patrons but occasionally he would just play an instrument especially on slower days or days with bad weather. near the end of his two year stay he overheard an interesting story from an Elven ranger.

when he finally returned home from his most recent journey his family was ecstatic to see him. while he remained home for well over a year his father could tell he was becoming restless again. He finally summoned him to his room one night to give him a task. this task entailed aiding some old friends of his fathers from before Ryl was born. always eager to travel and see more he eagerly accepted and that’s when the greatest surprise came. his father bid him to open the chest in the corner of the room and inside he found his fathers old chain shirt. His father told him this armor had protected him during his own journeys and that he hoped it would do the same for Ryl now.

what my father told me was that news of a the head of a family he had been in contact with for decades being assassinated reached him he was planning to go but decided that it might give Ryl a better understanding of the world then through Ryl’s current eyes which he said were nothing more then looking glass. he hoped that Ryl would finally have something to grasp and fight for and maybe even make some true friends and companions on the way. Ryl was told to contact Linxien Faldorn a male human and owner of “The Raging Lion” an inn in waterdeep. i was also told by my father to tell Linx that Tal Aa’ros bids his good friend to take care of his idiot son who would take his fathers place.

and now we meet up with Ryl in Waterdeep where he is bound to find more adventure then he even could wish to see.

Ryl Aa'ros

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