Sedalia Trannyth


Age: 26 Femail, Human


Born in to a life of split loyalties and hidden motives. Her father was the leader of a secretive order known only as the Friends of Windsailor. He kept his role a secret to even his family. When his only daughter turned 13, he introduced her to the families true inheritance, the “Windsailor family crest”.

She was to someday fill her fathers shoes and lead the Friends of Windsailor as they fight to stop the House of Quidove from achieving their goals. She spent her teen years unlike any of her age, learning diplomacy and business, combat and strategy, as well as the arcane. And she was quite good at it.

On her 19th birthday her father placed the Windsailor family crest under her care, and told her that as long as the crest remained in the Windsailor family blood line, the knowledge and strength of each generation will be passed on to the next, and that a grate prophecy had foretold of the first born daughter who would one day eradicate the Quidove plight from this plane.

Sedalia Trannyth

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