What are you Looking for

Time to Study

The Preface

After killing Janlove Trannyth and ensuring there is no trace of there involvement, the party is approached by Sedalia Trannyth. And as our party prepares to learn there new spells, Tara Keldorn informs them of a dragon that has been spotted along the road to the north.

The Wizards

The party goes in search of there new spells. As they are searching for a place to acquire there spells, the merchant Havelock Jarvis tells the group he has most of the spells they are looking for, and is willing to make copies from his spell book if they do him a favor.

  • Tarik owes him money, 2,000 gp
  • Tarik is drunk and a gambler
  • Hangs out at the Gray Serpent (T43, int, c, 3)

Meeting Sedalia Trannyth

She approaches them and offers her allegiance if they are willing to assist in revenging the death of her father Janlove Trannyth.

Looking for a Dragon

  • Encounter a traveler who saw a damaged caravan to the north
  • Damaged caravan
    • caravan is tipped over, and looks like it was burned but there are no scorched marks
    • The back of the wagon has been ripped apart
    • Two bodies
      • One body has had his left arm ripped off and guts hanging out
      • One body looks like he had fallen from a grate height
  • One traveler tells of a higher then normal number of orcs in the area
  • Traveler approaches
    • He is scared out of his mind
    • Follow his tracks back to a camp site
  • Encounter dragon at camp site
    • Party waits for dragon to leave, Druid followed him as a eagle
  • They find the orc camp
    • A dragon approaches the camp
    • Dragon talks to one of the orcs
    • Orc hands him a sword
  • Party find the Dragon’s layer



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