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The note

Janlove Trannyth

He has a hand full of operations in the northward.  
Most of his operations revolve around acquiring rare and exotic items
 and selling them to collectors in the area.

He has "acquired" Nandar Villa (N23), and has established that as his new residence.

Getting to know his operations.

  • They encountered Seaster Armorsmith at The Raging Lion (N21)
    • He works for Janlove
    • Phaerniss’zyr Barriund’neld contracted to have Janlove acquire a War Wizards Cloak for 90,000 gp with 30% down.
    • They where to leave the 30% with the owner of The Raging Lion.
  • Some time passed before Seaster left the Inn.
    • Tsab S’sril followed him.
    • Seaster made a stop at his house for a short time, before continuing on to Janlove’s Villa.
    • Tsab followed him unnoticed. Once Tsab was confident he had found the Villa he returned to the group at the Raging Lion.

The Raid

  • The group then went to the Villa, they found a back entrance what appeared to be a servants entrance.
  • After picking the lock they made entrance on to the Villa.
  • One guard was noticed about 180ft away, as they approached the guard, there presence was detected.
    • They dispatched the guard but not before he could call for help.
  • Taking up positions outside the back door to the house.
    • The over hear the guards talking inside
      • “Get those two upstairs. The rest of you guard the door.”
    • Tsab, doing some additional scouting noticed three additional guards approaching from the west side of the manner.
    • Tsab promptly prepped himself to attack the guards as they passed the hedge he was next to.
    • As the three guards passed, Tsab kills the last guard in the line.
    • The second guard hearing his friend die, turned and attacked Tsab, but missed.
    • The Mages in the group fired Magic Missiles at the first guard killing him.
    • Aerzel Menemin and Tiki distract the final guard as Tsab eliminates the threat.
  • The group chooses to split up.
    • Aerzel and Tiki will brake down the back door and eliminate the guards on the first floor, while the remainder of the party worked there way to the 3rd floor from the outside.
  • Aerzel and Tiki enter the first floor, and are quickly surrounded by 6 guards. Calling forth 2 fire elementals and there own strength, they make quick work of the guards.
  • Mean while, the rest of the party searches the 3rd floor to find nothing.
  • Working there way down to the second floor and into a very nice office they are confronted with the head guard and one of his men.
  • A much tougher fight, as Tsab realized he was no match for the head guard he quickly dispatched the lackey, and the two wizards make quick work of the head guard.
  • They find a second private office where Janlove and his wife are hiding, after confirming their identities, they quickly kill them both.


In the house they found 4,000gp worth of items, and 550gp

Loose ends

  • The party makes there way to Seaster’s house, Tsab enters the house to find Seaster’s wife cooking and their two children upstairs playing.
  • Tsab sneaks up behind the wife and tries to kill her, but missed.
  • When the rest of the party hears the scream they work there way to the kitchen door to see the wife swing a hot pan at Tsab. But in the moment of fear and panic she is unable to hit him.
  • Tsab then takes a second shot and kills her. Then quickly making his way back upstairs to the kids, he finds them running down.
  • Tsab grabs both of the kids and eliminates them quickly.
  • Phaerniss’zyr Barriund’neld decided the rest of the party can take care of the remainder of the issues and leaves to sell the items they have collected and contact Belaver Gellantara, the Messenger to collect there payment.
  • Some time passes and Seaster returns home. When he enters his house, he finds a Drow sitting on his stairs waiting for him, and a skeleton appearing behind him.
  • He is accompanied by the 3 guards that had been with him earlier.
  • Aerzel and Tiki bolted from their hiding place across the street to ensure no one can escape.
  • Tsab then charges from the back door, where he has been keeping watch.
  • The party makes quick work of the 4 men.

The last witness

  • Tsab then returned alone to the Raging Lion
  • He waited until the tavern closed and the inn keep was alone and eliminated him.

XP gained: 6,200 : 7,550gp



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