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Crystal in the Tomb

The party has been asked to retrieve a item from a tomb

Meeting at The Swords Rest

  • After being in Waterdeep for a week, the drow members of our party gather at the Swords Rest, for a prearanged meeting.
  • Seaeak Loyalar the Collector enters, and tells the owner his payment is late.
  • The owner orders an attack, 5 warriors attack the Collector.
  • During the attack Belaver Gellantara, the Messenger approaches the party from behind. Informing our party that he knows they are Drow, even though they are waring cloaks of disguise.
  • He kills all 5 attackers with one set of Magic Missiles.
    • Treasure found on attackers, cloth of gold vestments (20gp, sold at 17gp), 961cp, 5 short swords (7gp each)
  • He then asked our party to retrieve the Crystal of The Dead from the City of the Dead.
  • As the Messenger sets to leave he tells them they may want some help and calls out Aerzel Menemin from the crowd.

Leaving The Swords Rest

  • A voice calls for them from the alleyway next to The Swords Rest.
  • A female figure motions for them to enter the alleyway
  • She then asks them to leave the Crystal of the Dead in the tomb of Leoward Windsailor
  • She will pay 15,000gp for there trouble, and agrees to leave the gold in the tomb
    • “Turn the emblem on the left side of Windsailor’s tomb, 1/4 turn to right, and pull it out. Then place the crystal inside.”
  • The individual informs you that she is part of the Friends of Windsailor
  • She also shares information about the Messenger, informing them of his relationship with the House of Quidove and their suspected motives for acquiring the crystal.

The City of the Dead

  • Watchmen prevented the party from entering the eastern area of the city because too many people have been raiding tombs.

Looking for Tomb

Entering Tomb

  • Encounter x4 Human Warrior Skeletons (Treasure: None, EL: 1).
  • Found a box with 300 gb, x2 alchemist’s fire (20 gp each), breastplate (200 gp).
  • Encounter Pit Trap (Tsab S’sril detected the trap).
  • Found the Crystal of Death.
  • Found a large door with a trap on it that when touched released vipers into the hall way.
  • Encounter with x4 Small Viper (Treasure: None, EL: 2).
  • Found the sarcophagus of Duke of Calandor behind the trapped door.
  • Treasure in the Duke of Calandor’s sarcophagus:
 1,500 gp
   potion of cure light wounds (50 gp)
    bilious odor/taste
    syrupy, phosphorescent appearance
   potion of darkvision (sold for 300 gp)
    lemony odor/taste
    syrupy, opaque appearance
   potion of endure elements (sold for 125 gp)
    salty odor/taste
    oily, variegated appearance

   arcane (450 gp)
    Blindness/Deafness (l2, cl3)
    Misdirection (l2, cl3)
    Locate Object (l2, cl3)

   dwarven waraxe +1 (sole for 1,800 gp)
    something provides a clue to the item's function(s)

  slippers of spider climbing (2,000 gp)
    something provides a clue to its function
  Tome of clear thought +1 (30,000 gp)

Leaving City of the Dead with crystal

  • 2x Warriors intercept as they leave, one of them is the woman from the Friends of Windsailor), the party is asked if they found anything. The group tells them that nothing was found in the tomb, the warriros allow the party to continue on their way with no further troubles.

Return to The Swords Rest

  • The party sells some of items they found, and distributes the remainder as needed.
  • A note is sent from Belaver Gellantara, the Messenger to our party requesting they bring the Crystal to the Builders Hall (Located at S11 – Guildhall, B, 2).
  • As a reward for getting the Crystal, they get 20,000 gp, a cure light wounds wand, and 2x Magic Missile wands.

The Messenger asks the group to eliminate Janlove Trannyth

Total XP gained: 1,150, ~35,000gp (N/A tome)



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