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Act 2

As our first party collect the loot from there dragon kill, and begin there way back to Waterdeep to work with Sedalia Trannyth. We join a new group of adventures.

We join

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The date is Tarsakh 8, 1372 DR

A group of individuals belonging to the Friends of Windsailor organization, who are currently working out side of waterdeep to strengthen the organization.

When Janlove Trannyth was killed, the organization called back it’s most influential members to ensure they could properly stabilize the organization as new leadership is appointed in waterdeep.

Re-role (out of game)

  • Keep your existing stats
  • Starting with 50,000XP
  • Starting with 54,000 gp, all items are list value (and must be approved by GM before buying them)
  • Neutral/Chaotic Good alignments
  • Work with each other to ensure all your deities are compatible for epic levels

Trial Runs

  • Killed 16 Troll Skeletens
  • Killed 1 Black Dragon (young adult)
  • Killed 1 Beholder
  • Killed 1 Ice Devil and 4 leser devils
  • Reward: 10,250xp



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